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LaGard 3600 user information

Opening the safe

Changing the combination

  1. Open the safe door and turn the handle to the locked position.
  2. Choose a new six digit combination and write the numbers down.
  3. Press 0 six times (0-0-0-0-0-0).
  4. Press in the existing combination.
  5. Press in the desired new combination twice.
  6. Wait 5 seconds.
  7. Test the new combination with the door open.
  8. Close the door and test the new combination again.

Note: If a mistake is made during this procedure, the combination will revert back to the old numbers.

Troubleshooting (if the safe will not open)
Does the keypad emit a beep when the buttons are pushed?


(Pressure from excessive or poorly placed contents could be causing the lock to bind. )


If these suggestions do not seem to help, call our service center at 780-465-6401 for more information

Replacing the batteries (Use only brand name alkaline batteries).

Note: The lock will retain a combination during a loss of power. If the lock doesn't respond after changing the batteries, wait six minutes and try again.